About us

The sky is the limit (TSITL) is a global effort designed to influence, inspire and motivate people from all walks of life.

TSITL’s collaborative community provides you with the latest and classic creative inspirations in different forms of audio/visual experiences (videos/pictures/text).

Examples of content may come from television, movies, books, print, ambient/interactive advertising, music videos, photography, design and other forms of media.

Text based content are showcased in the forms of quotes, articles and blog posts from various bloggers.

We base our content from our initiative to research stories that deserves promotion.

You can also submit your inspirations that you wish to share with our readers by adding content to our website.

If you are a motivational blogger/speaker and wish to promote your blog/site with a blog post on relevant topic you may contact us for further information.

How this site works

TSITL is a space for viewing inspirational/motivational/creative content from all over the world.

We have divided our content into eight different categories:

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Mission statement/Mantra

We don’t really have a mission statement; theyĘĽre long, boring, and irrelevant. And its  difficult to remember them—much less implement them. Instead, we took the meaning out of this quote and made a mantra out of it.

“Everyone has potential. It is an infinite resource that can not be exhausted, but can be lost in the clouds of fear and complacency. It may take courage to embrace the possibilities of your own potential, but once you’ve flown past the summit of your fears, nothing will seem impossible. Pursue your dreams.”


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